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For more information on our services, click the links below:
Liquid Calibration

This is the most accurate method of calibration. It excels when used on irregular or difficult to measure bulk liquid storage.

3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is cost-effective and fast, providing millions of data points for analysis, reporting, and creation of 3D models.

Secondary Containment Survey

​To assist with risk management, Tank Measurement & Inspection can provide a secondary containment report that details the adequacy of containment areas.

Gauge Tables

Based on our tank analysis, we are able to produce a table showing tank volume for any liquid height, down to the millimeter. 

Other Services

Give us a call for more information on our additional services:


  • Tank Overfill Protection and Alarm Level Determinations per API 2350​

  • Out of Roundness Report (Seal Survey) for tanks with a Floating Roof​

  • ​3D Models ​

  • Determination of Floating Roof Weight and Bottom Critical Zone​

  • Settlement Survey and Tilt Reports

All calculations are done by professionals with working knowledge of American Petroleum Institute (API), Institute of Petroleum (IP), and International Organization of Standardization (ISO) standards.

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