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Secondary Containment Survey

Secondary Containment is an impermeable barrier that prevents leaks from the storage tank from reaching outside the containment area. It should be able to contain a spill or leak in the event of a failure. For environmental compliance and business risk management, secondary containment surveys ensure that the stored product will not overflow in the event of tank failure.

Using the 3D model produced from 3D laser scans, we can compute the containment capacity and model spill scenarios. Our secondary containment report details the adequacy of containment including tank volume and spill point to ensure regulatory compliance.


If the survey is extended beyond the secondary containment, we can also use the 3D scan to examine the route any spills may take in the event of an incident. Adequate containment systems are critical to prevent harmful products from escaping into the ground or streams and must meet state and federal capacity regulations.


Sample Tank Secondary Containment Report
Tank Management & Integrity
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