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Gauge Tables

Based on our tank calibration and analysis, Tank Measurement & Inspection is able to produce a high-accuracy gauge table. Most gauge tables are listed in barrels per ⅛ of an inch, but any standard units can be used.

The customer should specify:

  • Innage or ullage

  • Level increment (feet and inches, decimal of feet, centimeters, millimeters, etc.)

  • Volume (barrels, gallons, liters, etc.)

  • API gravity or gravity of product stored

  • Delivery format

Digital calibration files are stored by Tank Measurement & Inspection and the gauge table will be provided to the customer as letter-size or legal-size PDF, printout, or other format as requested.


Other commonly used terms for gauge table are:

  • Strapping Chart

  • Strapping Table

  • Calibration Table

  • Tank Chart

  • Tank Calibration Chart

  • Tank Gauge Chart

  • Gauge Chart

  • Dip Charts​

Tank Management & Integrity
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